Let's Grow

Skills & Self-Expression

Tunapanda Institute's mission is to provide digital era vocational training that empowers people to climb into a better future. We deploy computer networks and deliver cutting-edge video learning experiences tailored to local needs, currently in East Africa. Learners gain skills to earn more income while developing increased personal freedom through self-expression.

    Video Learning

    Qualified teachers are scarce in Africa, and their time is valuable. Videos are great and free.

    Open Source

    Our computer hubs run entirely on open source software. Information freedom is important.

    The Hard Drive

    “Free” online content is expensive if you pay for bandwidth. Tunapanda spreads it offline.

    Gamification & Motivation

    Short feedback loops and engaging activities are particularly important in low-income areas.


Help grow a better planet

Your contribution helps set up computer hubs and train East African youth